Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are individual lashes that will be attached to your existing lashes semi-permanently. Completely customisable and comfortable due to our extremely soft lashes, this is the perfect way to achieve zero-effort Bambi lashes. Expect to be able to do away with mascara completely as your new set of fluttery lashes allows you to wake up fully dolled up already.

All 3 types of lash extensions will allow you to select your preferred look, from something more natural to complete diva, we’ve got you covered.

KIKI – $ 100

Natural and comfortable soft lashes, suitable as a daily but polished look. Up to 160 strands.

KIRA – $ 150

Our signature lashes service! This set gives an eyeliner effect with soft semi volume lashes. Suitable for the modern busy ladies who need to always be selfie-ready!

KIMI – $ 200

Voluminous and glamourous lashes for the divas who love bold eye makeup. Achieve your dreamiest lashes that looks dramatic but feels feather light.

Type Of Services



75% of ala carte price


For lashes done at KIRAME

$ 10


For lashes done at other salon

 $ 20

Lash Spa

Relaxing cleansing to thoroughly remove dirt & impurities before lash extension

$ 15