Eyelash Extension

A new set of lashes typically takes about 60mins while touch up takes about 30mins.

The lifespan of the extension differs for each individual as it depends on the growth cycle of your lashes. However, with proper care it can typically last up to 3-4 weeks.

It is a common misconception that extensions cause natural lashes to fall out. Each day 3-5 of our own lashes fall, however, very often it goes unnoticed as our lashes are very fine. With extensions, the lashes are now thicker and longer, hence it is more apparent that the lashes have fallout.

We use top grade glue from Korea that is suitable even for sensitive eyes.

Yes, you can. However, only water-based makeup removal should be used as oil based makeup removal will disintegrate the glue holding the extensions to your lashes. Do use a cotton bud to remove eyeliner. If a cotton pad is used, remove the eye makeup in upward sweeping motion.

Yes, you can. It is important to keep your eye area clean. However, it is advisable to only let your eye area be in contact with water 2-3 hours after extension.

DMS Eye Repair

Results can be seen immediately after the session. Typically, after the first session, most customers are able to achieve a 10%-20% improvement.

Typically, we will recommend a course of 10 sessions at 2 - 4 weeks intervals to experience the full benefits of the treatment. Followed by maintenance treatments once every 2-3 months.

As this treatment induces collagen production, consistent sessions will trigger active collagen production around the eye area, thereby achieving permanent results.