We are the trusted lash salon by many social media influencers.
Those pretty lashes that look so alluring in their IG posts are created by KIRAME.

For some strange reason, I only feel the compulsion to take selfies/post them when I’m in Seoul Must be some magic in the air! Lashes by @kiramesg

Yina Goh
April 14, 2019

No need for eye make-up aft getting these lash extensions from @kiramesg! I LUVVVV & look at their cozy corner at Bali Lane outlet!

Jing En
April 17, 2019

Went to @kiramesg to try DMS Eye Treatment for the first time – this is a new Korean technology that reduces eyebags, fine lines & dark circles. That’s definitely something I need so I gave it a shot after seeing their before/afters!⁣

This treatment is non-invasive with no downtime & I was told I’ll be able to see at least a 10% – 20% improvement from the first session alone, with a more visible 40% from approx. the 4th session onwards. From my first visit I could spot that my fine lines had lessened but I definitely need more sessions for my dark circles, so I’ll be heading back to continue!⁣

P.S. @kiramesg is also able to do lash extensions during the DMS Eye Treatment so you can save time. Here I’m wearing their Sultry Glam set!

Sophie Willocq
February 28, 2019

Thanks @kiramesg for this pretty set of C Curl lashes. Visited the newly open 313 Somerset branch last night. The friendly staff was explaining the different types of eyelash sets available. I opt for something natural this time. The whole session lasted about 1.5hrs. It’s so comfy, I doze off while doing it. The lashes are very natural looking, lightweight & easy to manage. Thanks to @kiramesg, I’ve got pretty lashes to welcome 2019.

Wang HX
December 29, 2018

9am on the road with minimal make up. Just wanna do a quick review on the dark eye circle treatment that I’ve been going for at @kiramesg . I had HORRIBLE dark eye circles previously, I still have them now but they aren’t as deep and dark as before. Also, the area around my eyes look less dry (probably what caused the appearance of fine lines?). The owner is also v sweet to extend a trial session at $68 for y’all if y’all quote my name.

Sophia Chong
November 14, 2018

So heppi to get a new set of lashes before attending a wedding last weekend. My last visit to @kiramesg was 2 months ago, before my own wedding! They’ve been lasting really well; mad love them!! I highly recommend getting C or D curl; it’s like having natural eye makeup on 24/7 even if you don’t actually wear makeup!

Miss Goob
November 14, 2018